Hello there, my name is Jim, and I am from the sunny state of Florida! One of the favorite things that I like to do is hunt, and I have a few trophy bucks to show for it on my wall. One is a 9 point, non-typical, and the other is a 10 pointer.

I started hunting when I was just a young pup, around 8 years old, and I loved it. I always followed my dad around, and remember the first time I was allowed to go with him hunting, I’ll never forget. I didn’t shoot the gun, a .308 remmington, but I remember he bagged the prettiest but I’d ever seen. We went to one of the Carolinas, I don’t remember, probably south Carolina, and set up in a tree stand, just me and my dad, I miss him.

Along with hunting I like to fish and I’ve got a nice boat that I take out every once in a while with the girls. I like camo a lot, I have it everywhere and its turned into something of a rallying cry for me. Some people see what I am into and they think that I am a stupid redneck, but in fact I’ve got a buisness degree and am a high level manager at Bank of America and make a pretty good bit of money. Camo to me, brings me back to my roots and it helps me get back to the simple things in life.


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Using Camo to Hide How I really Feel

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