Trip to Omaha

Omaha was the trip in which I got that giant elk that you see in all of the pictures. Me and Johnny went to Omaha two years ago, and so I wanted to get with him and talk about what all happened, and we had some great memories!

First off, the trip did not go smoothly. We got a flat tire and we almost lost a day because of the repairs, we spent the night at a hotel and drove through all the way to the hunting site the following morning and then got set up. Luckily, they hadn’t started yet, so we were able to prepare and get ready. The first day we spent scouting the area, looking for bottlenecks, and gauging what we wanted to do.

This hunting trip we spent on the ground, and although that can be more difficult, especially when you are fighting wind and because you make noise, its much more fun and you actually feel like you are hunting. Somebody once asked me if I am scared of bears, um, YES!

Finally, the we found the elk herd, but they were too far away from us to attempt a shot. We monitored their movements and noted that they like to travel around a little branch of the stream, to avoid the deeper waters. It was pretty cold in Omaha in October.

After an entire day of nothing exciting, I set up near the edge of the bottleneck, waiting for them to come. I spent 5 hours in the freezing cold, just waiting. I was about the give up, but then I seen the elk herd! I almost lost my target there were so many of them, but then I seen him, a massive Bull! Calmly and cooly, I took the shot and he dropped instantly, but then got up and ran before dieing in the field.

Don’t hesitate to take the shot. If you do, your heart beats too hard and you end up letting your nerves get to you!


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