Need Help Finding a Good Camo Dress for the Daughter

So I’ve finally done it, I’ve allowed my daughter to go out on a date to the homecoming dance. What was I thinking?! Anyways, she is looking to purchase a dress made out of camo, that is right, I raised her in the correct manner 🙂

Anyways, what should I look for? I’ve found a few sites that sell camo dresses, and I want to surprised her with one. However, I don’t know what would look good as a homecoming dress. Spaghetti straps? Tank tops? Eerr I am so lost. I did find a great dress buying guide over at overstock I also found a cool site that has a lot of camouflaged related guides, called Cozy Camo.

So far, what I am looking at doing however is going to a thrift shop and purchasing an old dress, and simply spray painting it. I’m not sure if that will do the trick, but it is by far the cheapest option. Another idea that I had in mind was to just get her a casual dress and let her wear that instead. I know that they sell those over at Ambercrombie but I’m not sure if that is what she really wants.

All in all, I think I’ll be able to figure it out, however, if you have any comments or want to help me decide, get in touch with me 863-324-3412. Mark, Sarah I know your little girl Maria wore won to her dance, what did you all do? Take a look at the camo site and tell me what you all think about their suggestions.


Trip to Omaha

Omaha was the trip in which I got that giant elk that you see in all of the pictures. Me and Johnny went to Omaha two years ago, and so I wanted to get with him and talk about what all happened, and we had some great memories!

First off, the trip did not go smoothly. We got a flat tire and we almost lost a day because of the repairs, we spent the night at a hotel and drove through all the way to the hunting site the following morning and then got set up. Luckily, they hadn’t started yet, so we were able to prepare and get ready. The first day we spent scouting the area, looking for bottlenecks, and gauging what we wanted to do.

This hunting trip we spent on the ground, and although that can be more difficult, especially when you are fighting wind and because you make noise, its much more fun and you actually feel like you are hunting. Somebody once asked me if I am scared of bears, um, YES!

Finally, the we found the elk herd, but they were too far away from us to attempt a shot. We monitored their movements and noted that they like to travel around a little branch of the stream, to avoid the deeper waters. It was pretty cold in Omaha in October.

After an entire day of nothing exciting, I set up near the edge of the bottleneck, waiting for them to come. I spent 5 hours in the freezing cold, just waiting. I was about the give up, but then I seen the elk herd! I almost lost my target there were so many of them, but then I seen him, a massive Bull! Calmly and cooly, I took the shot and he dropped instantly, but then got up and ran before dieing in the field.

Don’t hesitate to take the shot. If you do, your heart beats too hard and you end up letting your nerves get to you!

Trip to Monk’s Corner South Carolina(fourth trip)

This was actually a very recent hunting trip, for some of the other hunting trips I’ll have to get together with the guys and recall what exactly happened. This happened in August and was the trip that Bobby shot his 10 pointer.

Every year we go to Timmy Mead’s plantation and he sets everything up for us. He provides us with the blinds and tree stands, and feeds the dear. He also feeds us! If you like pork, he’s got probably the best pork you’ve ever had. He slow roasts a high quality pig on an open fire every night, and adds some kind of spicy cajun sauce to it, its really good.  Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first day is the check in. We all file in to Timmy’s den and greet other hunters who had made the trip. These are guys entirely souped up in camo, they are professional hunters, but sometimes they bring their kids too. Anyways, this is the day that we arrange which tree stands we will hunt in, and where they are located. Afterwards, we prep, put on our ghilie and camo suits, and head out.

Afterwards, we all get into our tree stands, and wait for 6 hours! This trip I took my son Bobby with me. He’s only 13 but he’s already shot a 9 pointer and some other does. Only one gun is allowed in a tree stand, so we basically drew straws on who would shoot first.

We really didn’t see much until we were on day 2, which was the fourth time we set up in the tree stands. It was Bobby’s turn to shoot. Well, after about 2 hours, a HUGE group of deer came out of the forest, and there was a monster buck with them. I personally thought the buck was too small to shoot(has to be at least 7 points or we get fined), but Bobby said it was huge! He offered to let me shoot, he’s a nice kid, but I let him shoot instead. He hit the buck with a perfect shot. Afterwards, we got done to find the buck, and it was a 10 point beauty! We went back up into the tree stand, and I bagged another doe. It was probably the best single hunt we had ever been on.

Using Camo to Hide How I really Feel